Customer Testimonials
   ​I love butterflies, and I agree with your home page quote !! I bought the Glasswing framed, and it is lovely. It took about 16 days to get, and was well worth the wait.  07/18/14  Alison F   Albany, N.Y..
   We bought your  Great Orange Tip in the 24 x 28" size, and it looks perfect as the focal point of our room. Thanks for offering it !!  10/17/14  Kurt P.  San Francisco, Ca.
   My wife ia a butterfly nut, and I wanted to give her a quality piece that she could show off. I got her your Doris Longwing framed, in the med. size, and she loves it. Unfortunately for me, she's decided that she needs to order another one or two from you guys.  01/05/15   William J.   Seattle, Wa.
   We bought your Tiger Swallowtail print, finished, and think that it's just perfect. Keep up the good work. We'll be back!!   02/19/15  Maureen W.  Clearwater, Fl.
   I bought your  "A Great Mormon", and am very happy with it. I should have had you guys matt and frame it, though, as I discovered after getting prices locally !!   02/27/15   David W.   Boise, Id.
   I call your site Butterfly Love!! You have the best images, it's obvious they're a passion for you !! I bought  "A Tiger Swallowtail", framed, and its beautiful. I'm telling all my friends, so they can see your work.  03/02/15  Melissa W.  Akron, Oh.
We ordered one of the Doris Longwing framed pieces. It arrived on time, and was beautiful. We're very satisfied!!   05/05/15  Caitlyn D.  Melbourne, Fl.
My mom discovered you guys, and loved your work, so we bought her a couple of 11 x 14 prints. They are beautiful. She framed them and put them in her living room.   06/18/15   Peter K.  Chicago, Il.
I'm a butterfly lover. Your's were the best I'd seen, so I bought a "Feasting Longwing" framed in 18 x 22", and it's wonderful!! Thank you so much!!    07/18/15    Sarah M.  Los Angeles, Ca.  
My partner and I are amateur butterfly photographers who admire Butterfly Photo Galleries.  We bought a Colorful Mormon print, and had it framed. It's beautiful.  09/09/15    Josh K.   Burlington, Vt.
My husband just bought me a framed birdwing. I lover it. We had never seen your website before searching for a butterfly picture, but now we're fans.   12/28/15    Claire H. San Francisco, Ca. 
My kids and I are fascinated by butterflies, and were very happy when we found your site. We just received a Malachite piece that we had ordered, and it is perfect.    02/13/16  Pam S.    Boise, ID.
We just received our "Three Tree Nymphs" group, and couldn't be happier It took up a space that needed.butterflies to compliment the look of the room. (We had just redone the space with new wood floors, furniture and paint.)    05/22/16    Lynda R.    Pittsburgh, Pa.   
Imagine our surprise to find a quality butterfly website from Vermont.  We bought 2 framed pieces from you to use in our restaurant.    06/23/16    Rod P.    Rutland, Vt.
My hubby and I hadn't known that we liked butterflies until we stumbled onto your site. We're very happy with our 2 Longwing images.  We'll most likely be back for more.   09/02/16    Deb P.  Little Rock, Ak.
David and I bought a Zebra picture from you, and we love it. I teach 3rd grade, and I use your website to excite my students about butterflies.  Thank you so much for having such a great site. I'll probably use it as a teaching too in every class I teach from now on.   12/02/16    Cynthia C    Portland, Or..
My wife Jackie and I love the whimsy of butterflies, and try to photograph them. We bought a Mocker Swallowtail piece from you, and will probable tell people that we took it ourselves, (It's a beautiful piece of photography.)    03/14/17   Darryl P.    Littleton, Co.
I gave  one of your Birdwing pictures to my mother, who is 91, and it made her happy. What more can I ask for? Keep up the good work.   05/15/17   Amanda W    Waltham, Ma..
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